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​​Pennsylvania Place


Ottumwa's Premier Retirement Community


My mother lives at Pennsylvania Place and LOVES it there!  I've never heard a bad word about them.  The staff is wonderful.  And it's not just me saying that - for the last several years they've received the TOP scores in the Nation for Customer Service.  The staff is friendly, attentive, and they bend over backwards to please. ... I've looked elsewhere in the area for other retirement communities but after seeing Penn Place I knew it was where I wanted my mother to be.  With staff on site 24/7 and just seconds away from the hospital I can rest easier now.


I agree with the other person who wrote their review.  The staff is better than any place I've ever been.  They are dedicated, caring, and compassionate.  What else can you say?  Penn Place is the gold standard.


I just have to add my two cents to the reviews above.  My parents live there and they LOVE it as well.  I actually looked at the other places but after going to Penn Place, and after talking with many other people, there was no question for my siblings and myself about where we wanted our parents to be.  It's a BIG burden off of our shoulders now that we knoiw our parents are safe and secure.  No more water basement problems... it gets old trying to take care of  your own home and our mom and dads home.

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