“Love it! I have a covered garage and lots of storage. I finally have a full kitchen. Excellent food. An exercise room… You couldn’t ask for more! And the staff is absolutely so helpful. They helped me with everything while... Read Moreabout Ross E. testimonial

Ross E., Resident

"The activity person really keeps us busy. The staff is so congenial and pleasant! Everybody here is so friendly! Housekeeping does all of our laundry. I am amazed at how beautiful my clothes come out." Read Moreabout Carolyn A. testimonial

Carolyn A., Resident

“I like everything about Penn Place! It’s a great way to make new friends. I enjoy the Activities & Day Trips we take as a group. My apartment is very comfortable and just the right size for me!” Read Moreabout Fran Woollums testimonial

Fran Woollums, Resident

“I love living at Penn Place. We have a wide variety of food to choose from - All of the staff is so friendly and accommodating to my needs. I love playing BINGO, doing Puzzles with my friends and the... Read Moreabout Janice Stockwell testimonial

Janice Stockwell, Resident

"The food is very good – We have extras like homemade pizza night - thanks Mike! The Housekeeping Ladies are friendly & helpful. Lu is special! The Staff are helpful & courteous! Brenda H. is friendly and makes us feel... Read Moreabout Roy & Jean Mathias testimonial

Roy & Jean Mathias, Residents

It’s a very nice place to live! The people are so friendly here, too! You just can’t go wrong making Pennsylvania Place your home! Read Moreabout Carol Keep testimonial

Carol Keep, Resident

"I would not want to live anywhere else, good friendly people all around the place, It’s just like one Big Family! We have our special ones, but everybody is here for the same reason, A Good Home For Each Of... Read Moreabout Kenny & Carolyn Hill testimonial

Kenny & Carolyn Hill, Residents

"The things I enjoy most being at Pennsylvania Place are the variety of social opportunities. This includes daily lunches prepared by Chef Mike and his crew and playing Scrabble with other residents. Jodi & Lee Ann organize many monthly activities... Read Moreabout Kathy Brill testimonial

Kathy Brill, Resident

"Arie and I moved here in October 2010, because we couldn’t maintain our home as well as we should. I have enjoyed living at Penn Place. I have appreciated the help I have had with Penn Place Assistance. The food... Read Moreabout Catherine Breed testimonial

Catherine Breed, Resident

"I really was amazed how everyone made us feel so welcome as soon as we moved in! The Staff is amazing and the food is great! You made us feel at home when we arrived." Read Moreabout John Crouse testimonial

John Crouse, Resident

"I love being around all the nice & friendly people. It is nice having people to talk to again! Penn Place is a nice and quiet environment-so clean and pretty! There are so many fun things to enjoy doing here.... Read Moreabout Sandee Crouse testimonial

Sandee Crouse, Resident

I am so happy I came to Sylvan Woods – I felt right at home from the first day I was here. I love all of the friendly people. It is so nice to have people to visit with &... Read Moreabout Gordon Nettle testimonial

Gordon Nettle, Resident

I enjoy the clean, friendly atmosphere at Penn Place. All the employees are friendly and helpful. There are numerous activities if you want to take part. I don’t feel alone. My friends are all nearby. My standard answer to anyone... Read Moreabout Mary Pieper, testimonial

Mary Pieper,, Resident

I enjoy living at Penn Place – It’s fun to join old friends & make new friends! No need to be alone – we have many fun activities, delicious meals, and people to engage with, or privacy if you prefer.... Read Moreabout Ginny Gardner testimonial

Ginny Gardner, Resident

My wife, Elsie Mae, and I moved to Penn Place in December of 2012. Penn Place is more of a community to me where you can make new friends and look out for each other. I found the community very... Read Moreabout Larry Cofer testimonial

Larry Cofer, Resident